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TV Doctor aims to keep at the forefront of intercom and CCTV technology for homes and business. Our approach is that technology should enhance your lifestyle and provide you with peace of mind.

Each home, business and person have different requirements. We pride ourselves on doing installations that are extensible and are tailored to our client’s requirements.

Intercoms and entry systems can be simple in design or as complex as you require. TV doctor works with only the best brands and has experience in setting up everything from a single stand-alone system to large scale systems for hotels. Our aim is to make living safe from unwanted or suspicious visitors and protect you and your family through a centrally controlled system.

We also supply and install:

  • Indoor and outdoor Cameras
  • Motion sensor DVR (digital video recorder)
  • Internal intercom systems
  • Video-based intercoms
  • Remote login and Battery backup systems
  • Color Night Vision Cameras.
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  • Staying ahead in intercom and CCTV technology+ For homes and businesses
  • Technology that enhances lifestyle and provides. peace of mind.
  • Improve security and productivity.


  • Netflix 
  • Showmax
  • WiFi Booster & Distribution 
  • CAT5 Wiring 
  • Cellphone Booster 
  • Household Inverters